Muhammed Y. Idris is the PERFORM Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Science, Preventative Health, and Health Policy at Concordia University, where he is also the co-founder of the Data Sciences Lab at the PERFORM Centre. His research spans various topics within political economics ranging from poverty and child health to political instability and financial risk. As a computational social scientist, Muhammed is also interested in the research and development of open-source tools for leveraging socially-generating "big data" in applied empirical anlayses.

This includes his dissertation work which develops methods for measuring socio-political instability and legislative opposition, from financial news and research and parliamentary speech records, at scale. These data are then used to study domestic financial markets during the Arab Spring and clientalism, co-optation, and contestation in authoritarian institutions.

His research has been presented at numerous academic, policy, and industry conferences and published in the Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy. Muhammed also teaches an advanced undergraduate course in applied statistics and maintains a research appointment at Harvard University, where he held a predoctoral fellowship while completing his dissertation.

Acculturation, Socio-economics, and Childhood Obesity. (with Jennifer J. McGrath and Elizabeth C. Quon)

Comparative Political Economics and Institutions in the Middle East and North Africa. Ph.D. Dissertation

Financial Market Reactions to Terrorism. (with Bryan J. Arva).

Proportional Hazards Analysis of Survival Data with Tied Survival Times: Theory and Best Practices. (with Christopher Zorn).

Leadership in Energy Diversification: The Case of the United Arab Emirates. Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy. 2015. (with Joelle Thomas).

PETRARCH: Python Engine for Text Resolution And Related Coding Hierarchy. 2013. (with John Beiler and Phillip A. Schrodt).

The Domestic Politics of International Sanctions. Best Masters Thesis Award.

muhammed y. idris

Postdoctoral Fellow
Data Sciences Lab, PERFORM Centre
Pediatric Public Health Psychology Lab
Universitè Concordia, Montrèal

Research Associate
Belfer Center of Science and International Affairs
Harvard University, Cambridge